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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rupa2nya betul, email tipu... (maybank2u)

Kepada sesiapa yang tak dapat lagi mesej ni, dan tak pernah terima lagi email yg semacam maybank2u, tapi tipu2.. Sila baca.

RM0.00 M2U ALERT: BEWARE!!! Protect yourself! DO NOT click on website links contained in emails leading to Maybank2u login page. Don't be a victim. TQ.

Email aku dapat macam ni:

Dear valued customers,

Please be cautious and more aware of your surroundings when you are at the ATM. Do not respond to any attempt by strangers to interrupt your transactions.

Also we need to confirm your online banking protection to keep the validity of your TAC Receivers Phone, We introduce this to ensure the protection of your account and transactions,

Follow our link below and get protected Themes action=Login

Thanks for banking with us

**Email ni dari:

Jadi hati2 lah semua yang membaca mesej ni.

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